Privacy Policy

Our website address is and the information below is a summary of how we collect and manage your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is often called the “Privacy Policy”.


This site does not offer the opportunity to comment on articles or posts.


Embedded material
Some articles have embedded material that was originally posted on another site, such as YouTube movies. These work in exactly the same way as if you visited the webpage that has the original material. These sites may collect statistics, use cookies and track how this embedded material is used by you as a visitor.


Cookie Types – It is common to distinguish between first-party cookies and third-party cookies. First-party cookies can be found on the website you visit while third-party cookies come from a third party, the latter can be web analytics programs such as Google Analytics or affiliate networks. Both first and third party cookies are used on this website.

The site uses cookies that register the user’s IP number. Thanks to this, information can be gathered around how the user has accessed information on the site, how long you have been there and how to find it etc. IP numbers are not generally classified as personal information, as this usually requires supplemental information in order for IP numbers to be classified as personal information. Thus, as long as you do not leave a comment, you do not provide personal information through this website.

If you visit the site without blocking cookies in the browser, you agree to the use of cookies. If you do not want to use cookies, this can be turned off in every browser you use. The information collected via cookies is generally completely anonymous and without personal information. You can also turn off the ability for Google Analytics to collect statistical information. This is by installing the Google Analytics Opt-out plugin.


Advertisement Links
This site contains ad links which can generate revenue for the site through affiliate companies. Marketing of products is done to the companies / stores that the links point to. The site also uses cookies to track affiliate links (third party cookies) and this is done through affiliate companies. These share statistics about how users (different IP numbers) interact on the website. The affiliate companies, one or more, used from time to time on this site are: Adrecord, Adservice, Adtraction, Adviral, Booking Partner, Double, Scandic Partners, Tradedoubler, TradeTracker and Google Adsense.


How to save saved data
In case we save data, this is done only on the basis that the information is considered relevant to save. We store the information securely and any personal data is never disclosed to third parties. Should we detect security flaws, we will do what we can to quickly address them.


Get information about data
In case we have information about you, you have the right to access it. You can also ask us to delete this. This can be done for free and by contacting us.